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Company History

November 2017-March 2018

Designed and ran a major market research campaign for one of our software vendor customers.

March 2017

Mainframe Superheroes – a consolidation of all of the Mainframe Great and Good interviews was published.
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February 2017

Martin went to India to present an expansive mainframe skills training plan

February 2017

Interview with “Mr RACF”, Mark Nelson published.
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November 2016

Julie-Ann presented “So how do I actually apply DISA STIGs to ACF2, RACF and/or TSS?” at the GSE UK Conference in Whittlebury Hall

October 2016

Julie-Ann was back in the Middle East taking part in a security Blue Team exercise with one of our favourite customers.


5 person team working with an international bank to both tighten security and modernise the majority of the (Assembler) applications code. Deploy the hackathon!

November 2015

Conference season was in full swing and Julie-Ann presented 1 session at the GSE UK Conference and 2 at CA World.

GSE session:

“Implementing RBAC – A Radical Approach For A Massive Project?”
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CA World sessions:

“How to Increase User Accountability by Eliminating the Default User in Unix Systems Services (USS) in z/OS”
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“Is Complacency Around Mainframe Security A Disaster Waiting To Happen?”

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July-December 2015

The long await 2nd volume of z/Essentials was published.

This time it’s a 3 volume set and covers basics of setting up and running a secure ACF2, RACF or Top Secret environment.

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3 person team working with a major Scandinavian facilities management organisation to transform their mainframe security into a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) environment.

November 2014

millennia… were Silver Sponsors at this year’s GSE UK Conference.

The team ran a stand at the Expo celebrating 50 years of the mainframe. 

Julie-Ann may have been slightly responsible for organising a flash mob at the conference dinner with dozens of people joining her on stage to dance to the music of 1964 – the year of the first mainframe

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May 2014

Saw Julie-Ann back out in the Middle East performing various security health checks for major regional players.

March 2014

Julie-Ann spoke to the University of Bedfordshire mainframe special interest group (BEAMS)

November 2013

Julie-Ann presented “Who’s REALLY in Charge of your Mainframe Security” at the GSE UK Conference in Whittlebury Hall

May 2013

Julie-Ann presented “We’ve never met a Mainframe we couldn’t Hack” at the CMG in the CBI London.


Craig and Mick spent significant amounts of time in Switzerland working closely with a customer.

February 2013 millennia… re-branding completed.
December 2012 millennia… Facebook page launched. view millennia… Facebook page
November 2012 3 man team embedded with major international financial customer for highly confidential development project.
November 2012* Julie-Ann presented “Securing the “Cool Bits” in CA SYSVIEW® using RACF” at the GSE UK Conference.
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April 2012* Cheryl Watson – Ahead of the Performance Curve published. »view publication
March 2012 Mick Gray joined the team as Senior Technical Consultant. Mick comes to us with decades of experience spanning the deeply technical through to some gnarly Management skills.
January 2012* Barry Schrager – The Beginning of Data Security published. »view publication
February 2012 Rachel Alderson joined the team. Rachel is an amazingly efficient Personal Assistant who, truth be told, keeps the company running in the right direction.
November 2011* Julie-Ann presented another overview of z/Auditing Essentials – Volume 1 subtitled “Has the Horse Already Bolted?” at the GSE UK Conference. »view publication
November 2011* Julie-Ann presented to CA World: Think it’s Just Performance? How millennia… Implements CA SYSVIEW® to Improve z/OS Functionality and Security! »view publication
October 2011 Norman Crocker travelled to the Far East to assist an international financial sector customer with re-engineering a business critical application running on System z.
August 2011* Julie-Ann presented to SHARE in Florida: Compensating Controls aka How This Systems Programmer Got Her Groove Back! »view publication
August 2011 3 man team embedded with customer (major international financial) on HPA (Highly Privileged Authority) project.
July 2011 Provided IT Architect skills for a major, software replacement project for international financial customer.
June 2011 Completed full mainframe security review for another Middle East financial customer.
2011 Martin Underwood spent most of the year in the Middle East working with SBM to bring System z training to all of their ME mainframe customers.
November 2010* Julie-Ann presented an overview of z/Auditing Essentials – Volume 1 subtitled “Front Doors” at the GSE UK Conference. »view publication
November 2010 Barry Deller joined the team as a Senior Technical Consultant. Barry is a highly experienced mainframe Security Analyst who can speak both RACF and ACF2.
July 2010* Julie-Ann presented to the GSE UK Large Systems Working Group – Demystifying the IODF.
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June 2010* z/Auditing Essentials – A Beginners Guide published. »view publication
August 2009* CICS Essentials – Auditing CICS – A Beginner’s Guide published. »view publication
March 2009 millennia… joined New Era Software Inc’s Security Advisory Group.
February 2009 1st pre-pen test carried out for International financial organisation.
2009-2012 Craig became an embedded security analyst resource at a major high street banking group.
May 2008 Julie-Ann acted as stand-in Chairman for the GSE UK Large Systems Working Group meeting.
2008 Craig and Julie-Ann spent significant time in Qatar helping to implement Automated Operations.
July 2007 Completed full mainframe security review for Middle East financial customer.
July 2006 Reformed as millennia… bringing on board 2 new Directors: Craig Warren and Martin Underwood. Craig and Martin are both Technical Directors and bring with them serious skills in Automated Operations and mainframe security as well as an enthusiasm for the mainframe platform which has been described as evangelical.

JAW: When I was with Vanguard, I consistently saw a need within large organisations for short term technical staff. As z/OS folks get older and retire organisations are left with a hole in their skill set. millennia … now specialise in providing highly skilled z/OS Technicians for project work to Customers.

2005-2006 Provided IT Architectural/Security input to gambling/gaming industry.
1996 – 2003 Fulfilled technical roles for various customers including: Banca MPS, British Gas, Direct Line, Honda of the UK Manufacturing, ICCRI Roma, NPI, Petroplus, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, UMX Technologies (UK, Germany and Holland), Willis Coroon, Winterthur Life, TSD.

Julie-Ann Williams was also Chairman of the GSE Large Systems Working Group for most of this time.

21st October 1996 MILLENNIA BUSINESS SYSTEM LIMITED founded. Initially this was as a vehicle for Julie-Ann Williams to go contracting after leaving Synapse.
*Publications produced on this date