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z consultancy

System Programmers

Are you upgrading a z/OS release, migrating to a new package, moving to sysplex or need to think about how to deploy a new technology like Linux on System z? If so, we can help! We specialise in z/OS, CICS, DB2, IMS, MQ, WAS, zVM and Linux on System z. Working with your staff to share new skills as well as covering for annual leave, we become an integral part of your team.

z/OS Network Management

From offering help to roll out IP v6, through to advice on the best way to secure the z/OS network, our highly skilled Networking team can assist in either day-to-day running or specialised projects.

Storage Management

Working with your existing Storage team, we offer virtual tape silo implementations, DASD migrations, cache usage analysis, and SMS rule definitions; all whilst, ensuring you get the best value for money from your hardware investment.

TWS (Tivoli Workload Scheduler)

Improving throughput on z/OS is all about the efficient use of resources. Regular analysis of batch scheduling ensures that it is as efficient as possible, at the same time increasing the amount of work that can be done with existing resources, thus saving money and improving recoverability.


System z offers a reliable, stable platform which can be exploited to provide typical cloud services. Analysing your existing environment and hardware allows us to identify if you can start running cloud services in your System z environment today, without any further investment. If not, we can tell you what you will need.


Programming requirements, from analysing old exits to writing brand new code, are often “put on the back burner” due to lack of skills. With many decades of cumulated experience our team can help! Specialising in the following languages: Assembler, CLIST, COBOL, Java, REXX, SAS, WPS and more…