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Training and Education

All of our Trainers use NLP/Brain friendly learning techniques, and are prepared to work with attendees and your organization using bespoke course structures to allow for maximum effectiveness. Whether the audience consists of experienced system professionals, or people new to the platform (occasionally even a mix of skill levels) our instructors deliver course contents in a way that builds on existing knowledge. Both lab sessions and classroom presentations are used for all of our training, ensuring attendees are able to use the skills they have learned and become effective in the new subject immediately.

Customisable z/OS Courses

Any systemZ course topic may require some customisation due to different levels of experience and knowledge. At millennia… we are happy remove particular subject sections in courses, while expanding on others, allowing our students to leave the course having expanded their skillset whatever their starting level. millennia… can help you!

millennia… training plans are designed with both the customer and the attendees in mind to ensure that you get value for money, while increasing understanding and knowledge of your systemZ infrastructure. This ensures that you leave our courses and are not only immediately able to put these new skills into practice, but also recognising what YOU can now bring to your organisation.

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